Find the Right Tenant

10 Tips to Help You Find the Right Tenant

1. Clean the whole home. Whenever you show a house make sure it is sparkling clean condition. This means every corner should not only look clean but smell clean.

2. Spruce up old paint. Paint is an easy and quick fix to making a place look better. The rule of thumb is to stick with white paint because it makes rooms look bigger and brighter and this also allows tenants a neutral colour to decorate themselves.

3. Make sure the outside of the house is appealing too. One of the tricks to finding the best tenants is to present the home in the way you want it to be kept. If people are willing to rent a house with an overgrown yard and trash in the lawn then they will probably not take care of the house once it is theirs.

4. Try not to show a house on trash day. This is a great thing to keep in mind because garbage days make the whole neighbourhood look a little rough. In addition to the trash bins and bags there will be a bad smell and the possibility of critters that drag trash down the street.

5. Clean up building common areas. If you are renting an apartment make certain that areas like the front hall, laundry facility, and mailboxes are neat and tidy. Your potential tenants will check out these spots before they make a final decision.

6. Make sure the rooms make sense. If someone is currently living in the home and uses the dining room as their home office have them move those items to a more traditional location. This way you can show the house with rooms being used in a traditional manner which helps renters visualise their things in it.

7.Repair anything that needs fixed. Look at your rental with new eyes and repair even the smallest items that need it like replacing damaged blinds, flyscreens etc.

8. Clean out forgotten areas. Once you live in a home it is easy to overlook things like kitchen cabinets which can hold dust and dead insects, or windows that are covered with fingerprints.

9. Clean out the appliances. Potential renters will look inside refrigerators and stoves and there is nothing worse than seeing burnt on food or mould inside. Clean it out and you will likely get the same level of clean from your tenants.

10. Most importantly, present your house the way you would like it left when the tenant vacates!

These tricks to find the best tenants can go a long way toward making your rental process easy. Remember that people who are willing to accept a home in less than perfect condition are unlikely to keep it in better shape than they found it. On the other hand people who maintain their home and take pride in paying rent on time want a house that is worth their effort so they will be attracted to a well-kept place.