Buying a Home in Banora Point – Family Facilities

By Karen Booth

Following on from our previous article on Banora Point, where we looked at the social things you can do, now we take a look at some of the more serious sides to family life, education, schools, transport to and from, after school activities and other things the younger members of your family can engage in. Of course, there’s no shortage of some of these activities for adults either!

Perhaps one of the first and arguably the most important considerations you make when moving your family to a new suburb is which school you’ll be enrolling your children at. We all want to provide our kids with a good, challenging learning environment, rich with healthy social interactions. Luckily for families making the shift to Banora Point, you’re fairly spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right school for your children. We’ve listed a few for those of you on the lookout and wanting to get started.

Banora Point Primary School
Centaur Public School
St James Primary School (Catholic)
Banora Point High School

Just as important as their education are the activities our children are involved outside of the school yard. It’s no secret that idle hands create trouble, so where possible it’s important to keep your kids active. Not only does this stimulate and challenge them, it has huge and obvious health benefits.  So what are some of the more popular activities our kids “get amongst”, and are they available in Banora Point? Here’s a list of terrific after school activities Banora Point has on offer:

  • Soccer
  • Mixed Martial Art and Self-defence classes
  • Music lessons
  • Art classes
  • Pony club
  • Banora Point Primary School offers a fantastic Performing Arts class…

There is quite a bit more! There are a number of great sites to find activities, you can click through here to one great resource.

In our third and final article for this series on Banora Point, we’re going to look at Retirement in Banora Point and what kind of activities and services are available for the elderly. If you’ve got any other questions about this little suburb though, give us a call, we’re always happy to help!

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